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Undergraduate Students

PAWS Tutorials for Undergraduate Students

Your Guide to PAWS

You will be using PAWS throughout your career at TCNJ. PAWS is where you will access course descriptions, select classes for your Shopping Cart, process enrollments, review your academic requirements, update personal information and review and process student account information. Access PAWS now through the TCNJ TODAY webpage.


 Records and Registration

      Preparing for Registration

Please note:

The Instruction Mode of your Spring 2021 classes are found in the “List View” of your schedule. 

The Instruction Mode is not visible in the “Weekly Calendar View” of your schedule.

Students may choose to attend/participate in their FLEX classes remotely.

Room assignments noted in PAWS for Spring 2021 “Remote Only” classes are for faculty use only.

       Viewing Final Exam Information

      Viewing Your Grades

Applying for Graduation

Student Financial Assistance

 Student Accounts and Auxiliary Access

Authorized User (Auxiliary Access)

Demographic Data

     How to Manage My Personal Information: