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PAWS Training

The Office of Records and Registration is available for hands-on PAWS training workshops. Contact us to inquire about these sessions, or any other topics that interest you.

Focus on the Academic Requirements Report for Advisors

Workshop Description:  In this session, you will learn the ins and outs of reading and understanding the Academic Requirements Report. Facilitated by a member of the Advising Resources team with expertise in reading and evaluating Academic Requirements reports, this 1-hour session promises to be full of useful information that you can use when advising students.

To schedule a workshop, please contact us at

Focus on Scheduling for Department Chairs and Staff–ALL THINGS SCHEDULING!

Workshop Description:  This 90-minute workshop is designed for those responsible for scheduling within academic departments. Facilitated by a member of the Scheduling Team, this session will cover the following:

  • Scheduling classes;
  • Canceling classes;
  • Reviewing workload;
  • Modifying existing courses;
  • Topics feature;
  • Adjusting enrollment;
  • Queries and reports;
  • Seat Holds/Reserve Capacities;

To schedule a workshop, please contact us at

 **SPECIAL** 30 minute session on Scheduling Roll-Options

To schedule a workshop, please contact us at

Focus on Registration Workshop for Faculty and Advisors

Workshop Description:  Facilitated by a member of the Records and Registration team, this 45-minute workshop will review Faculty Center navigation, and features the following instruction:

  • Searching and viewing the course catalog and class schedule information, including enrollment totals;
  • Removing service indicator (flags);
  • Viewing  academic information (major, academic standing , grade reports);
  • Accessing and printing unofficial transcripts

To schedule a workshop, please contact us at

Focus on FERPA — The Lion and the Bear Training Session for Faculty and Staff

Workshop Description:  This one-hour FERPA session provides an understanding of the FERPA fundamentals, outlines our institutional process as it relates to compliance, reviews FERPA in the PAWS environment,  defines key concepts (such as directory information, education records, school officials), and highlights additional training resources.

To schedule a workshop, please contact us at